RC Next

RC Next DX:
Direct expansion close control air conditioners equipped with scroll compressors and Plug-fans. Cooling Capacity: 6,4 ÷ 97,4 kW


• Precision air conditioner.
• 44 models available, 2 versions for a wide selection opportunity. • EER up to 3,37.
• On/off scroll compressors.
• Single and double refrigerant circuit.
• R410A Refrigerant charge.
• EC plug-fans (size H0, H1, H2, H3).
• AC plug-fans (size H4, H5, H6, H7).
• ovER and UNDER versions.
• Suitable for indoor installation.
• Units with single and double refrigerant circuits.
• Availability of remote condensers with axial fans (TEAM MATE series)
and with plug fans (TEAM MATE PF series).
• High EER.
• High efficiency at partial load.
• Availability of electric heater.
• Availability of steam humidifier.
• Availability of hot water heating coil.
• Availability of extra circuit heating coil.
• Complete set of optional accessories: filters, plenum, panels, stand.
• Easily of maintenance.

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