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I.GEA Denco


Since 1944 Denco has been the expert for special solutions for control of air quality, humidity, and temperature in sensitive areas. Denco precision climate-control systems guarantee precise climate conditions in computer centers, and create the constant HVAC conditions required in sensitive areas such as hospitals and clean rooms.

GEA Heat Exchangers is a Segment within the internationally active GEA Group. The Segment consolidates all the activities in the area of heat exchangers and comes with probably the largest portfolio in this field worldwide. With GEA plate heat exchangers, shell and tube heat exchangers, air-cooled heat exchangers, air filter systems, wet cooling towers and dry cooling systems and synthetic fillings, as well as air treatment systems for numerous areas of application – our Segment gives comprehensive coverage of the spectrum. Customers in the global markets for power, oil and gas, chemicals, marine, climate and environment, water and waste water treatment and food profit from the highest standard of efficiency, safety and sustainability.

GEA DENCO precision climate-control systems satisfy the more stringent specifications in data centres and telecommunications facilities. They make a valuable contribution to reliable operations and uninterrupted availability of IT systems. All climate-control systems in the DENCO portfolio satisfy temperature requirements, maintain at the same time constant humidity levels in rooms, and thereby prevent heat-related malfunctions and premature aging of hardware. But it’s not only for IT that GEA provides valuable services. In laboratories and chip production as well – and in nanotechnology and in medical facilities – the exact maintenance of specified air parameters and particularly good air quality are of extremely great importance.
GEA manufactures air treatment systems, supports these facilities while they are in service, guides planners in project engineering to obtain optimal climate control and air routing, and tests its products in its own laboratories and measurement centres under realistic conditions. GEA technicians check the performance capability of the equipment, simulate and verify the air flow at the installation site, and measure the sound power level – in addition to much more. As a result, our customers always receive a technologically mature and tested product that, moreover, has been manufactured in accordance with DIN ISO 9001.


II. ELSA Advanced systems

Early Leak System Apparatus (ELSA) is an engineering company focused in designing products in relation to early warning liquid leakage detection. Formed by a dedicated technical team, with an accumulated engineering experience of more than 30 years. This dynamic, flexible, robust, and innovative team is ever ready to adopt new technology well and take ELSA to the next level and beyond.
• The ability to develop our own ASIC (application specific integrated circuit) parts and implement it seamlessly into the product design for the leak detection industry application.
• The ability to offer semi-customized designs or solutions to meet the end-customer’s specific requirements with fast turn-around time.
• The first and only company to offer “Failed-Safe Loop Back Feature” in the leak detection industry, which differentiates ourselves from traditional design (i.e. which only offers normal end termination approach).
• This new Elsa feature will enable the system to continue detecting liquid leakage, even in the event of a cable break occurrence at the starting point of the sensing cable.
• Offer custom length providence for sensing cable to meet the exact requirements at the installation site.
• The ability to offer flexible design solutions such as:
o Distributed or centralized panels system design;
o Touch panel (optional) with various display sizes (such as LCD dimensions in 7 inch, 12 inch & etc).
o Leak sensitivity is easily adjustable at site for each panel/zone.


UAP Solutions Vietnam is an authorise reseller for ELSA brand of Leak Detection Products in Vietnam

III. Tate Airflow

Tate  Airflow is the largest raised access floor manufacturer in North America, allowing Tate to service both large & small projects. As the leading authority on underfloor service distribution and data center airflow management Tate leverages its 50 years of experience in the industry to provide technical support & education to the design & construction community.

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