Multi-Denco for constant temperature

In its precision climate-control field, Multi-DENCO® will be available in various model sizes, with 5 kW up to a maximum of 130 kW cooling duty. These units operate with the refrigerant R410A and, under typical conditions, operate with a sensible heat ratio (SHR) of 1.



Enhanced cooling efficiency solutions

Containment of hot/cold aisles and ducting hot air from cabinets are intended to prevent cool/exhaust air mixing within server rooms. Generally rows of cabinets face each other so that cool air can reach ...



RC CoolRow DX Inv for small server room

Direct expansion or chilled water air conditioners for high density racks and blade servers. Cooling Capacity: 14,4 ÷ 61,1 kW



RC CoolRow DX Inv

The High Density Directional Airflow Panel

The DirectAire®, DirectAire® X2, and the aluminum DirectAire® Al use patented technology to angle the air toward the equipment achieving a 93% Total Air Capture (TAC) rate by a standard server rack.



Environment Monitoring

Room Alert models monitor for conditions such as temperature, humidity, power flood/water, smoke/fire, air flow, room entry, motion, heat index, sound, light and much more. Room Alert is perfect for environments such as critical rack cabinets, large computer rooms or data centers all types and sizes.


AVTECH Room Alert

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Early warning liquid leak locating system

Elsa Advanced Systems is proud to present our latest innovation in Early Warning Liquid Leak Locating System, comprising of a Control Panel, Sensing Cable and accessories.

ELSA Advanced systems

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As one of the leading designers and manufacturers of air conditioning systems - GEA know just...


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